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About Us :: Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities:

Title Position Type Opening Date Filing Deadline
Senior Electrical Engineer Exam #08974 Permanent 9-09-2014 Continuous
Sr. GIS Analyst Exam #09482 Permanent 1-27-2015 Continuous
WRD Sr Chemist Exam #09508 Permanent 2-06-2015 Continuous
WRD WW Plant Operations Technician II Exam #9559 Permanent 2-13-2015 Continuous
Senior Business Systems Analyst Exam #09850 Permanent 2-13-2015 Continuous
Construction Management Inspector Limited-Perm 2-24-2015 Continuous
Automotive & Equipment Specialist (CDL) Exam #09634 Permanent 2-27-2015 Continuous
Associate Engineer Exam #09659 Permanent 3-03-2015 Continuous
Senior Civil Engineer Exam #09658 Permanent 3-03-2015 Continuous
WRD Mechanical Technician III Exam #09660 Permanent 3-13-2015 4-10-2015
WRD Inspection & Permit Technician, Exam #9771 Permanent 3-27-2015 4-03-2015
WRD Pretreatment Inspector Exam #09713 Permanent 3-31-2015 4-14-2015

Clark County Water Reclamation District District provides opportunities for students to participate in internships. Applicants must be enrolled in a college or university and meet the qualifications for each position. Internship opportunities are part time and available in various areas including; Engineering, Plant Operations, Laboratory, Fleet and Mechanical Maintenance. For further information please call 702-668-8050 or email employment@cleanwaterteam.com.

Title Position Type Opening Date Filing Deadline
Chemistry Internship Limited-Perm 3-11-2015 4-03-2015
Engineering Internship Limited-Perm 3-24-2015 4-10-2015

Click here to apply and to view additional employment opportunities with Clark County