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Customer Service and Rates


Rates and Charges

Annual Sewer Service Rate beginning January 1, 2021 : $233.40

Annual Sewer Service Charge Schedule:

​Jan 1, 2021​July 1, 2021​July 1, 2022​July 1, 2023​July 1, 2024​July 1, 2025​July 1, 2026​July 1, 2027​July 1, 2028

Charge is per ERU (Equivalent Residential Unit, or Single Family Residence).  In addition to the annual sewer service charge, each unit is assessed a $16.00 annual account charge.  A $12.00 discount is given to all accounts paid-in-full by July 31.

Customers with pools, which include swimming pools, non-residential spas, decorative fountains, waterscapes, lagoons, spas and hot tubs, will have an additional amount added to the annual charge.

Pool charges are based upon total gallons.   A residential customer is charged .10 ERU for a pool with less than 20,000 gallons.

For additional information on rates and charges please see our Service Rules.

Your Sewer Bill

The District's billing cycle begins on July 1 each year. All customers are sent their annual sewer service bill and have the option to pay either the full amount or make quarterly payments. Customers paying the entire balance by July 31 may take a $12.00 billing discount. The quarterly billings are sent on October 1, January 1 and April 1. The legal owner of a property is responsible for all sewer bills.  If you move, buy or sell the property, it is your responsibility to notify our office.

If an agent/representative Is paying your sewer service bill, quarterly payments must be received by their designated due dates:  July 31/October 31/January 31/April 30 to avoid the Basic Penalty added to the account. Property owners are still responsible for payments, even if there is a tenant onsite

Customers may either pay the full annual amount or the quarterly (minimum) amount in the month billed (July, October, January, April).  A basic penalty is added to the account if the minimum payment isn't received by the last day of the billing month.

Delinquent Notice

Any account balance not paid by April 30 will be sent a delinquent account notice. Each June, the District Board of Trustees conducts a public hearing to consider sending remaining account balances to the Clark County Treasurer to add to the property taxes due on the respective property owner of the account.

Connection Fees (System Development Approval)

Amounts listed are charged per ERU (Equivalent Residential Unit, or Single Family Residence).

Connection Fees beginning January 1, 2021:

​District Service Areas (including Laughlin): $2,649

​Septic Conversion: $1,600

Connection Fee Schedule:  

January 1, 2021​July 1, 2021

Beginning July 1, 2022, and each subsequent year, the connection fee will be adjusted by the lesser of the following: The Consumer Price Index or the equity-based connection fee formula.


New Construction

New commercial and residential structures that connect to the public sewer must submit an application for sewer service in person or by mail. 


Applications for Residential connections require the address to be serviced, the assessor's parcel number, lot and block (if applicable), and subdivision name (if applicable).


Commercial structures are charged by the number of plumbing fixtures and type of business to be constructed within the structure. Architectural and plumbing plans must be submitted for review to the District's Customer Service Department. Food service plans, along with the kitchen equipment schedule and plumbing plans, must be submitted along with the architectural plans for businesses that will be serving food. If plans have been submitted to the Clark County Building Department, please provide the PAC number that was assigned to the project. Permit fees will be calculated and a permit issued. For more information, please contact Customer Service.

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