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Development & Planning Services


The Development and Planning Services section of the District often serves as the initial point of contact for a new customer looking to construct new residential or commercial buildings.  This team is responsible for the review of engineering plans as well as construction inspection of all new sewer mains for developer-installed projects.

This team is charged with providing customer service and support for the engineering design community developing the project plans as well as the licensed construction contractors installing the new sewer service components.

The team’s responsibility to the rate-paying customers is to ensure that the engineering plans are designed in conformance with the regional design and construction standards that apply in all communities throughout Southern Nevada.  The formal document, entitled, “Design and Construction Standards For Wastewater Collection Systems” serves to ensure quality and uniformity in standards for new sewer systems constructed in both unincorporated Clark County and the area cities. 

One of the key reasons for these standards is to ensure that the infrastructure is properly designed and built, because the public agency then bears the costs for future maintenance, including repairs. 

The mission of Development and Planning Services is to assist developers and consultants during the design and construction phases of projects in order to ensure the best possible water and sewer facilities for our customers.






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