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Sewer Construction Projects


The District plays an important role in the water care cycle. We treat and return over one hundred million gallons of water a day back into the environment. Our collection system, over 2,100 miles of underground pipe, provides valuable infrastructure for protecting the public health.  We may rehabilitate pipelines and manholes to ensure the continued reliability of the sewer system. These projects may also increase the capacity of the valley's sewer system as needed, enabling it to continue to efficiently and effectively serve our communities for many years to come.


Construction Activities:

Southwest Interceptor  download map

Wigwam -Valley View to Arville Wigwam will be closed in 3 phases:  Phase 1 will be a full closure from Valley View to Hinson.  Phase 2 will be a full closure of the Wigwam/Hinson intersection.  Phase 3 will be a full closure from Hinson to Arville.  Driveway access will be maintained.  Flaggers will be available if needed.  All traffic will be able to detour around Wigwam through Blue Diamond or Ford.
Wigwam & Arville  (3 Phases) 

Phase 1: Arville South, partial closure of the Wigwam and Arville intersection.  Full closure south of the intersection (24 hours)

Phase 2: Wigwam cul-de-sac, partial closure of the Wigwam and Arville intersection. 

Phase 3: Arville, Wigwam to Blue Diamond, partial closure of the intersection, full closure of Arville from Blue Diamond to Wigwam. 

Work will be conducted weekdays during daytime hours.  Lane restrictions will be in place when work is not being conducted.


Pyle & Valley View Interceptor  download map

Pyle - Lindell to Jones  Beginning November 23

All traffic will be restricted to one (1) westbound only lane during the following hours to allow for safe pickup and drop off for students in front of Tarkanian Middle School: 6:45am-8:30am & 1:30pm-3:00pm, Monday through Friday.  During this time, westbound traffic on Pyle will only be able to make a right turn onto Jones.  No left turns.  During the hours not listed above, traffic will be reduced to one (1) lane on Pyle with flaggers to assist with traffic.  During non-working hours, there will be one (1) lane of travel open in each direction.  Work hours are Monday through Saturday from 6am to 6pm.

Jones - Cactus to PyleMost times one (1) lane of traffic open in each direction, with a reduction to one (1) lane with flaggers at both ends occasionally.  Work will occur in the southbound lanes.
Edmond  & Cactus intersectionLane closures will start several hundred feet east and west of the intersection and will flip between north and south sides of the road, with at least one lane of traffic open in each direction.
Pyle - Decatur to Cameron ​Southern 2/3 of Pyle will be closed.  The contractor will install a "shoe-fly" on the north side to widen out the road during construction.  One lane on the north side of the road will remain open during working hours with flaggers.  Two lanes will remain open on the north side of the road during non-working hours.
Pyle - Decatur to Stellan ​Full road closure.  Please use the detour to access properties: north on Decatur to Grape Leaf Avenue.