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Sewer Construction Projects


The District plays an important role in the water care cycle. We treat and return over one hundred million gallons of water a day back into the environment. Our collection system, over 2,200 miles of underground pipe, provides valuable infrastructure for protecting the public health.  We may rehabilitate pipelines and manholes to ensure the continued reliability of the sewer system. These projects may also increase the capacity of the valley's sewer system as needed, enabling it to continue to efficiently and effectively serve our communities for many years to come.


Construction Activities:

Agate – Rosanna to Monte Cristo  
​Agate, Rosanna to Monte Cristo: The westbound travel lane will be restricted, with all traffic shifted to the eastbound travel lane.
Harmon & Audrie
Approximately 200 feet north of the intersection for approximately 1000 feet, east half road closure.  All traffic will be shifted to the west half of the street.  Work will occur weekdays.

Southwest Interceptor  download map

Windmill- Lindell to Decatur

24-hr Closure. The eastbound Windmill lanes will be closed during installation of the sewer line. Traffic will be shifted to the eastbound lanes. 1 lane of traffic each direction will be maintained from Lindell to Decatur. Edmond St will be closed. Traffic from this housing division will be routed through Ribbon Falls St.

Windmill- Jones to Westwind 
Eastbound lanes will be closed.  Traffic will be shifted to the westbound lanes.  One (1) lane of traffic in each direction will be maintained from Jones Blvd. to Duneville St.  There will be a one-way eastbound lane from Duneville St. to Westwind Ave.  Any affected traffic can exit the neighborhood via Shelbourne Ave.
Windmill – Severn Valley to Rainbow 
24-hour closure of westbound Windmill, from Severn Valley to Rainbow.  Traffic will be shifted to the eastbound lanes, with one (1) lane of traffic open in each direction